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Clean and Simple Mobile App Development
and Design for both iOS and Android Platforms.

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Android and iOS Mobile App Development

Simple and effective apps to streamline business processes or provide specific functions on the users device.

Mobile Apps to Support Your Business Needs

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Because mobile app and mobile responsive websites are 2 completely different things, we usually prefer to speak with you about your needs so that we can determine a solution that best fits your needs.

Mobile app development can range from very simple, to extremely complex depending on the functionality required. TRex Technologies has the skills and knowledge to help you plan and build your next app. Using software like Xamarin or Meteor, we are able to deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using skills and techniques that are already familiar to us.

Our mobile app development life cycle usually follows this process:

  1. Research Targeted Approach
  2. Mock-ups to Highlight Key Functionality and Layout
  3. Build the Application
  4. Test, Fix, Test Again
  5. Deploy
  6. Analyze, and Repeat if Necessary
Mobile App Development and Design